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Our goal is to create a vibrant business support platform to disseminate useful and relevant information, train, coach and mentor women in business or those aspiring to venture into business. We believe this will help improve overall business acumen of women, hence make them more economically successful and empowered.

This e-learning initiative is completely free and there are plans to make it accessible  to a large number of young women.

In addition to training, EAW and its founding body DBTWEAI will provide online mentorship for young women aged between 18-40years (15years for rural communities). Volunteer experts and consultants in various fields such as industry, entrepreneurship will be available for counseling and guidance to empower the DBTWA women in their fields of endeavor.

Empowering African Women offers practical courses. Our mission is to provide a comprehensive platform knowledge for the young African Woman who wishes to upgrade her skills, to achieve her objectives through our easy-to-comprehend modular course delivery.

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Our tutors are experts selected from different fields with good records in their profession.

Ebere Irrechukwu is a young lady of strong religious faith who grew up in a middle-class family in Nigeria. She has great culinary skills and holds  a bachelor’s  degree in  English.  she lives in the United States with her parents. Her passion, love for nature and children is reflected in her writings




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